Part Time Keystone Students

Students identify themselves as Part Time students at Keystone for many reasons. Some are supplementing homeschool curriculum, while others are enrolled in another school and just taking one or two classes at Keystone. There are a number of resources that Part Time students have available to help get off to a good start. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  1. Attend a Getting Started the Right Way Webinar. These webinars, held weekly are meant to help all Keystone students get off to a good start. 
  2. Go through the Resource and Orientation Center located in your online classroom. 
  3. Review the Strong Start info the Student Success Advisor's sent. 
  4. Create a schedule using the Dynamic Course Schedule. 
  5. Set your school zone up in a way that works best for you. 
  6. Get started! 

One challenge that Keystone's Part Time students can face is creating a daily schedule that allows time for all work to be completed.  If you are a Part Time student and taking courses at a local public or private school, you need to make sure to build time into your day to work on your Keystone courses as well.  Time management is a critcal skill and there are a number of tools available to help make it all work. The Dynamic Course Schedule in your online classroom is the first step. The Dynamic Course Schedule will allow you to see what you need to accomplish on a weekly basis.  There are also a number of tools available to help develop your time management skills.  One great tool is  This website will allow you to see where all of your time is going and prioritize your tasks.  If you have questions about time management or need support in creating a schedule, email the Student Success Advisors at