Keystone National Middle School

Keystone Middle School students enrolled in a complete grade level take a total of five courses: four core courses – one in each core subject area – plus one elective per school year. The Middle School core courses are divided into 36 Lessons, each designed to be completed in a week for 36 weeks of instruction - roughly equivalent to a traditional school year.  Keystone's independent model allows students to move through the lessons at their own pace, so some students may complete two lessons in a week, while others may need more than a week to fully work through the material.  Teachers offer weekly study sessions, and are available by phone and e-mail for support as needed. 

Middle School students who are ready for more advanced work are allowed to take some high school level courses with Guidance Counselor approval.  Middle School is designed to give students the academic and indepdent learning foundation they need to be successful in high school.

Many Keystone Middle School students have a rich schedule of extracurricular activities outside of Keystone, but we offer clubs to Middle School students who are interested in connecting with Keystone teachers and other students in a non-academic way.

The best way for Middle School parents and students to get to know Keystone is: