Middle School Advanced Students

Students come to Keystone from all different backgrounds and acadmic abilities.  We want students to be successful, but also to feel challenged with the material they are learning. Therefore, we do have some options to help support Middle School Advanced students.  Here are just a few of the components: 

  1. All students have the ability to complete their courses at a faster rate, as little as 8 weeks for a full year course and 4 weeks for a semester long course. 
  2. If parents feel their student is advanced and would like their student to proceed to a grade level higher than their chronological age, Keystone permits parents to advance their student to the next grade level (for example from 7th to 8th grade).  However, Keystone does not guarentee that this grade advancement will be recognized if the student transfers out of Keystone. 
  3. Eighth grade students are encouraged to enroll in up to two high school courses - Algerba 1 and a foreign language. These two courses are transferrable as high school credits.  
  4. If parents wish to enroll their student in Keystone National High School, but they are not 14 years or older, parents can follow an alternative route to enroll their student. More information can be found here

If you have questions about opportunities for advanced students, please contact Keystone or email our Guidance Department at guidance@keystonehighschool.com