If you enjoy the flexibility of Keystone National Middle School, then you are going to love the high school level! Moving up to Keystone National High School opens up many opportunities for students. Students are able to join more clubs and choose from a variety of courses.  As you progress through your eighth grade courses, it is important to start educating yourself about what high school will be like so you can begin to explore course offerings and be prepared for the work expectations at the high school level. Many students choose to take a high school level foreign language and/or a math course to get their feet wet in high school courses. Not only do these two courses help to prepare you for high school, but they can also count as high school level credits, which means they are transferrable to the high school! Please read below to find out more information about Keystone National High School’s graduation requirements, courses and clubs. If you have any questions about our high school program, please call or email Student Services at 1-800-255-4937 or email info@keystoneschoolonline.com.


Keystone National High School Course Types: 

  1. Standard Keystone Courses
  2. Advanced Placement Courses
    • College level course work
    • Can earn college credit, depending on college and AP exam score
    • Stand out in college admission

Click here to see the full high school catalog! https://hs.keystoneschoolonline.com/KeystoneOes/portlets/catalog/CourseCatalogController.jpf

Also, don’t forget to check out the High School Demo Course that is available in your BlackBoard Student Homeroom!