Accountability Partner Tool Kit

We have prepared several documents to help you as a new Keystone family (or as an Accountability Partner-any one or more people who will be assisting the Keystone student with their education) to get oriented to Keystone and start to embrace your role as the accountability partner of a successful independent learner! We suggest you review all the documents carefully and keep them for reference. You can download them to your computer, print them, or come back to this site again and again to view them as needed. Each document should be self-explanatory, and the only one we need back from you is the Handbook Acknowledgment form. Click here to access the Accountability Partner Tool Kit:

The Role of The Keystone Accountability Partner: 

Keystone Accountability Partners play a very important role in the success of their students.  While Keystone provides a number of support opportunities, accountability partners are the ones with students on a daily basis.  The role of the Accountability Partner can be categorized into two words: Accountability and Communication. 


Accountability Partners are at the front line of their student's education.  It is important that there are measures of accountability right at home.  

  1. Set expectations and goals:   Talk with your student to make sure they understand what you expect of them. Is there a time period that they must finish the courses. They have one year from their enrollment date, but many families have goals specific to their situation.  Do you have an expectation for how much time should be spent on the course work on a daily basis?  How about grades - what is your expectation there?  Talk over these items with your student right as your are beginning to set the appropriate tone and expectations. 
  2. Know your stuff:  Go through the Resource and Orientation Center with your student, participate in webinars hosted by Keystone and read the Live While Learning Collective sent to you each month.  That information will help keep you informed as to how Keystone works, school expectations and aware of important Keystone changes and updates.   
  3. Use the tools provided:  Read through the progress report sent every two weeks, review your Parent Observer Account (online families), and have a copy of your student's Dynamic Course Schedule handy.  This will allow you to know if your student is progressing as expected or if there are any concerns.  


Communication is important in any educational situation, but especially in distance education.   There are various types of communication that can help your family have a successful Keystone experience: 

Communication between student and parent

  1. Have a weekly (or more often if necessary) meeting with your student to go over their schedule, check their grade book and discuss your student's progress.  
  2. Talk about school on a daily basis.  
  3. Discuss the progress reports together when they are emailed every two weeks. 
  4. Adjust goals as necessary. 

Communication between student and teacher

Keystone's supported independent learning model means it is very important for students to ask questions when they arise.  Every student at Keystone is working independently and they all have a different plan. A teacher may not know that a student is struggling if they do not reach out.  Encourage your student to email or call and leave a voicemail for the teacher when problems come up.  Contact information for teachers can be found in the online classroom under "Staff Information" or Teacher's Office,  or on the sheet that was provided to you when you enrolled for Print Students. 

Some students are very hesitant to reach out to teachers.  They may not have had much contact with the teacher in the past or maybe they are just uncomfortable reaching out for help in general.  In situations such as that, parents are encouraged to be a part of the call between your student and their teacher.  Put the phone on speaker or have the teacher conference you in if you are in a different location.  Help your student prepare for the call by having prepared questions that he/she would like to have answered.  This will help the call be more productive. 

Communication with other Keystone Resources

There are a number of resources available at Keystone to assist parents.  We are available via phone, email and various webinars. Click here to get the appropriate contact information

  • Student Services is available by phone or email to answer questions related to enrollment, payments, shipping and other general questions.  
  • Student Success Advisors are available to assist with time management, scheduling, motivation and helping your student establish study skills. 
  • The Guidance Department is available to help with course planning, SAT and ACT information, the college application process, and other guidance related areas.

Keystone Parent Video Resources: