Elementary key components

Keeping Track of your student's progress

You will want to keep a close eye on the progress that your student is making through their course work.  Keeping your goals in mind, you should have an expectation of where they should be through out the year.  The OLS has a helpful tool, called the Daily Plan, located under the Plan tab, that helps you know exactly what needs to be accomplished in order to finish by the date selected.  You are encouraged to use this tool!  Keystone students have one year from the date of enrollment to complete their course work, but most students do tend to finish in the traditional 9-10 months.  

Click here for additional information on daily and weekly plans. 



Keystone has developed a resource to help you determine how much progress your student should make each week, depending on your specific end date.  We encourage you to take a look at this document and if you have any questions, make sure to talk to your teacher!  

Class connect sessions

Your student's teacher will offer weekly Class Connect sessions for you and your student to join.  These online meetings will be an opportunity for your student to extend their learning and socialize with other students in the same grade.  Your teacher will be providing you with information about the topics that will be covered, as well as a link to sign up to attend. We encourage Learning Coaches to attend with their student, at least while they are getting started.  There will be a time in the Class Connect Sessions dedicated to answering student and Learning Coach questions, so jot down your questions before you attend! Sessions last approximately 30 minutes for grades K-2 and an hour for grades 3-5. Each week we will alternate between Language Arts and Math for the focus.  The link to attend is located under your daily and weekly plan. 

Portfolio- Offline Work submission

For many families, this is the first time you are responsible for grading your student's work.  You may be worried if you are correctly assessing their work and how to gauge their knowledge of the material. If you have questions about grading or assessing how your child is doing, you should reach out to the teacher to get some help.  A requirement for full completion is a submitted student portfolio.  Contact will be made with families concerning the portfolio throughout enrollment via progress checks and newsletters.  The student's teacher will also reach out to students who are between an average of 60-70%  progress in the coursework with more information about the portfolio.

While that process may sound a bit overwhelming, you will be reminded and provided materials to help you at every step.  The portfolio document has direct instructions as to what is required for submission.  In addition to the assignment examples you will be submitting, you will also answer a few reflection questions to give the teacher insight into how your school year is going.  Click here to review that document.  The document will also be sent by the teacher at the appropriate progress percentage.  Your teacher will provide more information and be happy to answer any questions you may have as you complete your portfolio. 

This is a mandatory component of the Keystone Elementary program.  The goal is to not only support you with assessing your student's learning, but also to add validity to information that we will provide on the report card that you receive once your student has completed their courses.  If the portfolio is not submitted, Completion level will not be achieved on the final report card. 

When are courses complete? 

The expectation of the Keystone Elementary School is that students will complete 100% of the course material and assignments in order for the course to be reported as complete on the report card.  That being said, we know that situations arise and therefore, we have created a second category that accounts for students that have finished most, but not all of the course work. 

Levels of Progress and Course/Grade Level Completion

Complete – student has completed and mastered 100% of course material and fulfilled the Portfolio Requirement.

Mastery – student has completed and mastered between 80-100% of course material but did not fulfill the Portfolio Requirement. OR Student completed and mastered between 80-99% of course material and fulfilled the Portfolio Requirement.

Incomplete – Student has not completed or mastered the necessary requirements of the course and did not fulfill the Portfolio Requirement.


It is in a student’s best interest to complete all of the material to better prepare them for promotion to the next grade level.  We encourage you to set your goal and expectation for completion.  If you find that you are struggling to meet that goal, contact your teacher for suggestions and support.