Learning Coach Resources

The Learning Coach Role

As you begin your journey as a Learning Coach of a Keystone Elementary student, you may be unsure of what your role is.  A Learning Coach is a person (parent, grandparent, adult sibling, aunt, uncle, etc) that makes the committment to join their student on their educational journey as the student's teacher at home.  Here are a few key components to the Learning Coach role at Keystone: 

  1. Available to sit with their student and answer questions, as often as needed. 
  2. Establishes a daily schedule and helps their student progress throughout the day. 
  3. Coordinates communications with the teacher, as needed. 
  4. Responsible for helping their student complete their school work. 

When you first begin, learning about the setup of the program can be overwhelming.  The first place we recommend that you visit as the Learning Coach is the Online Learning: K-8 course.  You should complete it under your Learning Coach login and mark completion as you move along.  This will help you better understand some of the important functions of the program, as well as general navigation.

A very important concept to understand about the elementary program is that, depending on the grade level and course, there will be a combination of offline and online activities.  The best way to approach this and avoid confusion is to always begin online with the daily plan.  The plan will guide you towards the lesson for that day.  Within the online lesson is where you will be prompted to complete any offline work.  As a rule, always end online, as well.  On the final page of each lesson you will be able to mark completion to wrap things up.

To learn more about your role as your student's Learning Coach, click below to watch the short video: 

The Teacher Role

The Keystone Elementary teacher is there as a resource for you throughout your school year.  As you progress through the year, you will have the opportunity to reach out to the teacher whenever questions arise.  Teachers are a great resource to provide supplemental material, navigation guidance, answers to general content questions, and overall support of the student experience.  Learning Coaches are encouraged to reach out to the teacher for guidance in supporting their child fully throughout the program.

You can reach out to your teacher by phone at 1-866-MY TEACHER (their extension is available in the annoucements of the OLS).  You can also email the teacher directly from the OLS.  

The Student Role

Depending on the age of your student, you and the teacher will have different expectations. While the student is always expected to complete the school work, younger students will require much more parent assistance than older students.  Use the guides provided in the OLS to know what your role is in each of the daily lessons.